3K&aBD.com goes LIVE!

Today is the day I officially begin this blogging adventure. “Threekidsandababydaddy.com is going LIVE!

Why would I join the millions of bloggers already in cyberspace? I have three reasons to be exact…

#1 – I enjoy working and desire a creative outlet other than dissecting what science experiment awaits me in the kid’s bathroom each week.

#2 – The days can seem long with family responsibilities but the quality time with them and on this earth is brief. I choose to focus on and learn from the moments…the good, bad, ugly and hysterical.

#3 – Parenting, with all its challenges, should provide us with more feelings of commonality and perspective. Let’s chronicle that chaos.

SO! As nerf bullets whiz by my face and as I break up a sword fight, let me introduce the family! Who are the players in threekidsandababydaddy.com?


Well, first there is the Baby Daddy. The one besides the Good Lord who makes the three kids all possible. He is a quiet, introspective, objective thinker who is described by his closest friends as steady and loyal. I was first attracted to his manly hands and broad shoulders. We met on a blind date, got married and then got busy.

The three kiddos bare three distinct personalities that make the job of parenting quite challenging.

Kid #1 – The 10 year old firstborn is currently a 110 pound, carbohydrate loving, reading obsessed, baseball and basketball playing beast that is strong willed to the hilt. He is predominantly laid back, yet predictably stubborn, and has the kindest heart except when his sister and video games are involved. His witty self wreaks of preteen hormones and frequently forgets to apply deodorant.

Kid #2 – The introverted, 7 year old middle child happens to be our only daughter. The diva darling inherited her daddy’s childhood need for braces, as well as her mother’s far sighted vision and zest for drama. She is a lover of music, all things animal related and is currently a straight “A” student. For the most part, she is the only child that minds us the FIRST time. (Insert Hallelujah chorus). Also, her scream is so shrill you lose hearing temporarily. Don’t let the sensitive, perfectionist nature fool you. Girlfriend can throw down a temper tantrum. Finally, she is a devoted mama to her fur baby, “Bella the Shinese”.

Kid #3 – The caboose is the 3 year old, extroverted, high energy wild man that we lovingly refer to as the “Tasmanian Devil Child”. He earns his nickname honestly, as you will quickly learn. He is the only child I was able to stay home with. A decision that I have never regretted, despite the permanent eye bags obtained as a result. He has currently gone three days without his beloved “pappy”.

Finally, there’s me, the Baby Mama. I am a take charge, extroverted, people loving personality. Blessed with a very high sense of urgency, patience is not, and never will be, my virtue. I have loads of last minute parenting ideas to share. FUN is my middle name and parties are my specialty. Hang out with me and you WILL have a good chuckle or two. I LOVE to talk and have discovered that I consequently LOVE to write. After serving in a successful Sales career ranging from Human Resources to Pharmaceuticals, I chose to give all that up to be a full time mom and wife.

So I say all that to give the motive for creating this blog. I write to capture each crazy experience of the parenthood adventure, one moment at a time, with the hopes of giving us all an outlet from the insanity in the world. I want to ENJOY parenthood and chronicling the moments forces me to look longer, examine deeper and love fuller.

I welcome you to join me in this adventure at threekidsandababydaddy.com!




36 thoughts on “3K&aBD.com goes LIVE!”

  1. Among everyone else, I too always get excited when I see another one of your FB posts! You always crack me up! Excited you decided to start writing a blog, girl! Always thought you’d do an awesome job! Keep it coming, girlfriend!

  2. Loving your innate ability to share the adventure that is your family’s life in such a fun and uplifting way. Your sweet spirit and wonderful humor will make every post a joy to read. Much love and many wished blessings!

  3. This ought to be fun!

    One suggestion: I follow blogs with an RSS reader. Please post a link for RSS feeds.

    Much love to y’all from Ephratah , NY!

  4. You are quite hilarious ma’am! I always get a hearty laugh from your fb posts and look forward to your blog. The parenting struggle is real and it’s so much better to laugh than cry. Keep em comin’.

  5. This shall be a wonderful time line of your witty take on life. I have enjoyed watching before you became baby mama and ever funnier with your controlled chaos! Can’t wait to see what humor is in store for us lucky readers!

  6. So glad you are doing this! I get so excited when I see a post from you pop up on my timeline because one thing is for sure……never dull!!! Get it girl!

  7. Love it! Sounds like we are in the same boat. I too have a sensitive, almost 11 year old boy, a temper-tantrum throwing, just turned 8 year old boy and a 1.5 year old girl who loves to jibber jabber, throw toys, cry for no reason, spoiled-rotten-to-the-core, loved to death by all, little miracle (oopsie) we call Mae Mae for short. I love your stories! Cant wait for more!!

    1. Thanks Ashley! It does a mama good when someone else out there can relate. Would love to hear more about how our lives are similar! 🙂

  8. You go Baby Mama!…I have been wanting to blog too but no clue where or how to get started! As I love reading your Facebook updates, following your blog will be a joy!

    1. Thanks Amber! I’m still figuring the world of blogging out but I’m happy to share whatever I learn with you when you are ready!

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