Skittles and Weeds


I NEVER get headaches. There was an exception today. Took a nap, Advil, then Tylenol. Baby daddy and the eldest went to practice ball so I get moving because I have to. Trying to get some Teacher appreciation gifts ready for the week at my office desk. I hear yelling, crying, baby girl comes in my room and and locks the door.

I unlock the door, of course, because I don’t trust my three year alone for a SECOND. The damage has already been done people! An empty skittles bag, skittles ALL over the living room and these weeds he picked earlier…all over my floor.

IMG_3522 IMG_3519The pictures don’t do the scene justice. I just snapped a few, put on Mickey Mouse and got back to work😎🌱🍃 Think my headache MAY be coming back.😏



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