A Mother’s Insomnia

insomniaIt happens to all of us.

A mother’s insomnia.

Exhausted, as soon as your head hits the pillow you know it’s going to be a monumental REM cycle. That is, until someone or something causes you to be wide-eyed in the early hours of the new day.

A mother’s brain can be downright scary at times, especially one riddled with sleep deprivation.

“Endust! Your furniture is crying to be seen once again. Shameful! First thing in the morning.”

“The kids don’t play enough outside. Change the computer password before dusk.”

“Time to have the parents and in-laws over and cook for them.”

“Will my child ever become potty trained and sleep in his own bed? You KNOW he’s the last one is his class that wears pull-ups.”

“Dang it! Forgot to fold that load of laundry.”

“Drink more water today.”

“WHY is the dog on top of me, staring directly into my eyes at 2am?”

“I luuub ewe mama (kid wraps little arms around my awkwardly positioned neck). Sigh. Ok, sleep with me a little longer and don’t ever grow up.”

“You shouldn’t have drunk that glass of H2O.” Potty in the dark.

“Meals for kids: fruit and veggies tomorrow. Stinkers consumed too many carbs this weekend.”

“Hubs need to go to the gym with me this week. Use persuasive skills stat.”

I need to…

Clean the car

Organize the bonus room

Have the kids’ friends over

Schedule a date night

Shave my legs

Clean the hardwood

Read a book

Write a book

Do my devotional

Grow website

Sign up for a webinar

Buy friend’s birthday present from a month ago

Getting wrinkles…ugh!

Are my kids going to be ok?

Is my husband going to be ok?

The dog seems to be recovering nicely from surgery since she cleared a three feet jump in the dark. Check.

As the sun comes out, I sit on the back porch watching the dog do anything but potty and listen to our neighbor’s dairy cows moan and groan across the pasture. What ARE they doing over there?

Us moms are way too hard on ourselves.

Many of us over think things a little (or maybe a lot), which that shows we care and love hard.

Dust off the insomnia fog and get yourself some coffee woman! A kid just peeked around the corner and your quiet time is over for the moment, or the DAY.

Speaking of which, today is a new day. There will always be things to clean and nothing is ever a perfect paradise. However, it’s your imperfect paradise and you’re incredibly thankful that you have it.

REALLY gratuitous for caffeine right now. One of God’s most generous¬†inventions.

Now, time for that wrinkled load of laundry!




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