Why The New McDonalds’ Happy Meal Toy Was A Winner


Fast food boycotters look away! Everyday, “I never or sometimes feel guilty for buying my kid fried pink chicken goop” parents pull up a seat.

You know how every now and then, your kid comes home from school raving about a new trend? In my day, it was jelly shoes, stonewashed skirts, blue eyeshadow, teased hair, side ponytails and BEGGING my mother for Guess jeans as she emphatically turned me down because of the cost.

Well, lo and behold, the new thing that all the Third graders at my kids’ school are begging for is the latest McDonald’s Happy Meal toy. For real? Yep. You heard me right.

What is this diamond in the rough packed away with the Golden Arches’ staple children’s meal? A plastic “Fitness Tracker” pedometer bracelet.

Hilarous! It comes in a variety of colors and looks like this:

FullSizeRender.jpgWell unfortunately, I just learned earlier today that the fast food giant made the decision to pull the Fitness Trackers due to reports of skin rashes. No skin irritations going on in our neck of the woods. In fact, I know there are going to be some extremely disappointed kiddos next time they open up that kids’ meal.

It was a fabulous idea and, to date, a hit!

Apparently, over half the grade is sporting these babies around their elementary school loud and proud.

Now, I’m not one to encourage peer pressure antics or going along with the crowd but this one was GREAT!

Why? Three reasons…

#1 – It was CHEAP. $5 got your kid sustenance and social status in the blink of an eye.

#2 – It encouraged physical fitness. These third graders are competing to see which one has the most steps by the end of the school day. YOU ARE WELCOME PE TEACHERS.

#3 – It made me feel better as a parent. Now I know that the majority of moms and dads that I will be doing life with these next ten years or so feed their kids crap too! Thank goodness for the sliced apples and Go Gurt so we can validate ourselves after viewing how those deep-fried chicken nuggets are processed.

So there you go. We are not terrible parents for feeding our kids fast food every now and then, especially when our little ones get to feel cool and stylish.

Of course, what will we ever do now when that pedometer battery dies? Oh the travesty.

Until that day is upon us, I lift my child’s Minute Maid Apple Juice box in the air and declare a toast to not sweating the small stuff, enjoying the ride and much thanks to McDonald’s for trying to help us insanely busy parents get our kids moving with healthier food options.

I say fix the issue and bring those tracker jackers back.






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