‘Twas The Night Before School Started…


‘Twas the night before school started when all through the house

All creatures were stirring, even the spouse

The backpacks were placed by the back door so bare

Because there were no books or pencils in there


The children were wrestling with going to bed

While visions of tardiness danced in mom’s head

Maybe some Benadryl, or some arm straps

Would settle their brains so we could all get naps


When from the kids’ rooms arose such a clatter

Mom sprang into action to deal with the matter

Away down the hall she flew like a flash

Armed for stalling, forked tongues of backlash


She yelled, “Bedtime was thirty minutes ago!”

They said, “But mom, we’re just too excited though!”

Then, what to her mothering eyes should appear

Lack of melatonin in the eyes of her dears


She had a short window to pull out a trick

It was getting late and she’d better act quick

If the kids were not on time, she would get blame

So she hissed and kissed them and called them by name


Now eldest! Now middle! Now baby and dog!

You WILL go to sleep before morning fog

Tomorrow’s a big day. Super early I’ll call

“It’s time to get up kids…come on y’all!”


To the kitchen to eat breakfast, you will fly

You’ll want to roll back over..yes you will try

But NO, as the caffeinated beverage that I brew

Coats my empty tummy, you’ll brush your teeth too


And then, in a twinkling, as the dog goes “woof”

Sleepy or not you will provide more proof

That as the first morning of back to school comes ’round

Things WILL go smoothly, I’m determined and bound


You’ll all be dressed crisply, from your head to your foot

No waxy ears! Q-tip to the ear you’ll put

As you throw that brand new shirt on your back

You’ll thank your mama for the lunch that she packed


You’re eyes how they’ll twinkle, your dimples so merry

Your hair will be brushed, your breath so airy

You’ll let me put your hair up in a cute little bow

“Yes ma’am”and “I love you” wherever you go


There won’t be any residual plaque on your teeth

You’ll wear that angelic halo like a Christmas wreath

With a smile on your face and a full little belly

Shoelaces will be tied, your pits will NOT be smelly


As the alarm just went off on a nearby shelf

I run to your rooms and then laugh to myself!

All you kids jump right up, into the bathroom you head

You’ve relieved me as I see I’ve nothing to dread


It’s just way too early, but we all get to work

The eldest tries to swipe junk food with a smirk

Breakfast is eaten, baby has yogurt on his nose

Middle child has some drama, it’s okay I suppose!


In route to school, to Justin Timberlake we whistle

I smile and say “I’ll be here at dismissal”

Doing wheelies, tires smoking as I drive out of sight

“Happy back to school mama…time for some peace and quiet!”
















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