The Gravity Of Your Marriage

If you ask NASA their official word on what gravity is, their response (before all the technical jargon) is “We really don’t know.”  Although the best and brightest scientific minds are unable to tell us exactly what gravity is, they can with confidence say that it is a “field of influence” because they only know how it operates or behaves.

What defines marriage? That means many different things to a whole lot of folks but we can witness how two people behave while in it.

I would argue that marriage and everything resulting from it influence us the remainder of our earthly lives.

Interestingly enough, gravity and our relationship with our significant other are similar entities in that they both can be studied and understood by how they affect the energies around them.


1) Gravity and marriage both cause energies to come together.

Gravity is defined as a natural phenomenon by which all things with mass are brought toward one another. All forms of energy, including light, are under the influence of it.

Can’t you remember that first time feeling of twitterpated bliss? Under the influence of raging pheromones, sweaty palms and racing heart possibly resulting from, oh I don’t know, broad shoulders, manly hands and the perfect blend of auburn red hair?

You can’t escape gravity and you surely can’t escape cupid all dolled up in his baby diaper with bow and arrow. As a scientist about to delve into basic understandings of one of the most intriguing universal elements and two people beginning a new relationship, this is the fun stage.

2) Gravity and marriage both causes movement and change.

Now these two entities start to become tricky. It’s all about the formula of the situation. As the new wears off in our relationships and you throw stressful jobs, 2.5 kids and a fur ball or two into the mix, the tides start to turn.

Symbolically, gravity impacts the planetary courses and based on other factors, can also be an influence in planets colliding. Boom! Ever changing, always moving, yet there is some predictability of pattern we can study. Marriage, and the elements of both parties, changes us.

3) Gravity and marriage can cause consequences, some one may never fully escape from.

Science is sexy. Hang in there with me here.

The Theory of Relativity describes gravity as a consequence of the curvature of spacetime caused by an uneven distribution in mass or energy from which nothing can escape, not even light.

As gravity can create potentially inescapable circumstances, such as a Black Hole, what two people do to themselves or one another can throw a marriage into a deep, dark abyss with no light and no seeable path to climb out of. That’s a scary place to be. Most marriages experience this.

4) Gravity and marriage can become such after thoughts that we aren’t even aware of how they affect us.

Two establishments of human existence and yet they are such commonalities that we sometimes fail to appreciate and focus on them. Whether it’s about science or relationships, we should take the time to dwell on those things that are good and not take them for granted.

5) The good news: Gravity and a strong marriage give us life.

Gravity centers us and keeps us from flying off into outer space, being suffocated, scalded in the atmosphere or loss of muscle mass, just to name a few. A fully functional marriage makes our outlook on the world a much better place and positively affects all those around us.

The gravity of the situation is that marriage is hard but it’s such a worthwhile fight. It matters, it’s eternal, it’s life changing. We are fooling ourselves if we think we will never be in a season where our closest relationships won’t be tested.

So, here’s to those of you out there in your own relationship hurdles. It’s inevitable but it can be done. Commitment and love are our foundations of existence.

Marriage can either turn into a really tragic, C-Grade, Star Trek Deep Space 9 episode with fake sets and faulty voice communicators OR a Gone With The Wind omitted scene where Scarlett and Rhett reunite on the steps of Tara, forging through all the mess they created in their relationship, rebuilding the life they were supposed to have in the first place (with a full moon and Venus in the background of course).

So there. Nerdy content with a message. Keep the faith in one another and the One who brought you together in the first place.




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