The Picky Eater Child: Chicken Nuggets, Lasagna and Sushi

What seems like an eternity (and oddly, also just a few days ago), my oldest son transitioned from Gerber Graduates to taste bud awakening, adult food. Before doing so, I fed the kid all the baby food veggie and fruit options, even those scrumptious green peas (insert sarcasm).

Based on the variety of foods he enjoyed as an infant and toddler, I just knew he would love to eat healthy. Yeah right! This, my friends, is an excellent example of first time parent ignorance. Just because your kid digs baby food sweet potatoes so much to the point they sport the orange nose, does NOT mean they will actually gravitate towards the orange root vegetable when prepared by the one that brought them into the world and placed on their beloved Mickey Mouse plate.

To date, my son is a meat and white potatoes kind of kid and like most children, would be 1000% content consuming chicken fingers and french fries for two of the three daily meals.

Some what successful attempts on my part have been: apples on his dinner plate, applesauce in his lunchbox, broccoli with his chicken fingers and 20% of the time I am successful at getting him to try a “no thank you” bite.

One time, I slaved in the kitchen for hours making Lasagna from scratch (with canned spaghetti sauce of course). The picky child emerged from a video game session, curled up his nose and said “What is THAT? It looks gross.”

I informed the  beast child that he was going to have to try one bite. At this point, he had worked himself in a tizzy. Tears, red nose, all kinds of drama. Dinner is served and after 15 minutes of more drama, he tries the Italian glory, begins to gag and up the Lasagna comes. “That’s so gross! I can’t do it mama. I just can’t!”

So annoyed, I throw my hands up in the air and pile a serving on my plate because SOMEBODY is going to eat my cooking.

So there you go. This is a how the opinionated, picky eater rolls. They make up their mind in advance of trying the food that they won’t like it and will pull out all the stops to prove to you that it is not a consumable product.

Then, one day, that same kid will shock you.

My best friend and I love sushi. It’s our thing and our go to food when we get together. Here recently, the picky eater child became curious of the infamous shrimp roll we were consuming. I mean, since the rice isn’t the healthier brown rice option and the shrimp is fried not boiled, then the shrimp roll could be an appealing option to the kid. 🙂

He then asks if he can try the sushi roll. Of course I say an emphatic YES since it isn’t a chicken finger or pizza. He takes about an 1/8 of a sushi roll bite, thinks a moment while chewing and declares “Mama I like it!”

What the what?

We get done with basketball practice this week: “Mama, I want sushi for dinner.”

Friday rolls around: “Mama, can we have a cheat night tonight and order sushi and not pizza?”

Yesterday’s conversation between the picky eater and his sister that likes most all food:

Bro: “Mom, can we get sushi again?”

Sis: “Ugh I HATE sushi!”

Bro: “What? You are a defective child.”

Sis: Rolls eyes.

Little Bro: “I want applesauce!”

This sounds like I never cook.

As all of us parents learn, those cute little baby creatures grow up with such diverse opinions and food is no exception. Offer new foods, throw a multivitamin at them and celebrate things like the fact your kid just ate seaweed and liked it!










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