The Gravity Of Your Marriage

If you ask NASA their official word on what gravity is, their response (before all the technical jargon) is “We really don’t know.”  Although the best and brightest scientific minds are unable to tell us exactly what gravity is, they can with confidence say that it is a “field of influence” because they only know how it operates or behaves.

What defines marriage? That means many different things to a whole lot of folks but we can witness how two people behave while in it.

I would argue that marriage and everything resulting from it influence us the remainder of our earthly lives.

Interestingly enough, gravity and our relationship with our significant other are similar entities in that they both can be studied and understood by how they affect the energies around them.


1) Gravity and marriage both cause energies to come together.

Gravity is defined as a natural phenomenon by which all things with mass are brought toward one another. All forms of energy, including light, are under the influence of it.

Can’t you remember that first time feeling of twitterpated bliss? Under the influence of raging pheromones, sweaty palms and racing heart possibly resulting from, oh I don’t know, broad shoulders, manly hands and the perfect blend of auburn red hair?

You can’t escape gravity and you surely can’t escape cupid all dolled up in his baby diaper with bow and arrow. As a scientist about to delve into basic understandings of one of the most intriguing universal elements and two people beginning a new relationship, this is the fun stage.

2) Gravity and marriage both causes movement and change.

Now these two entities start to become tricky. It’s all about the formula of the situation. As the new wears off in our relationships and you throw stressful jobs, 2.5 kids and a fur ball or two into the mix, the tides start to turn.

Symbolically, gravity impacts the planetary courses and based on other factors, can also be an influence in planets colliding. Boom! Ever changing, always moving, yet there is some predictability of pattern we can study. Marriage, and the elements of both parties, changes us.

3) Gravity and marriage can cause consequences, some one may never fully escape from.

Science is sexy. Hang in there with me here.

The Theory of Relativity describes gravity as a consequence of the curvature of spacetime caused by an uneven distribution in mass or energy from which nothing can escape, not even light.

As gravity can create potentially inescapable circumstances, such as a Black Hole, what two people do to themselves or one another can throw a marriage into a deep, dark abyss with no light and no seeable path to climb out of. That’s a scary place to be. Most marriages experience this.

4) Gravity and marriage can become such after thoughts that we aren’t even aware of how they affect us.

Two establishments of human existence and yet they are such commonalities that we sometimes fail to appreciate and focus on them. Whether it’s about science or relationships, we should take the time to dwell on those things that are good and not take them for granted.

5) The good news: Gravity and a strong marriage give us life.

Gravity centers us and keeps us from flying off into outer space, being suffocated, scalded in the atmosphere or loss of muscle mass, just to name a few. A fully functional marriage makes our outlook on the world a much better place and positively affects all those around us.

The gravity of the situation is that marriage is hard but it’s such a worthwhile fight. It matters, it’s eternal, it’s life changing. We are fooling ourselves if we think we will never be in a season where our closest relationships won’t be tested.

So, here’s to those of you out there in your own relationship hurdles. It’s inevitable but it can be done. Commitment and love are our foundations of existence.

Marriage can either turn into a really tragic, C-Grade, Star Trek Deep Space 9 episode with fake sets and faulty voice communicators OR a Gone With The Wind omitted scene where Scarlett and Rhett reunite on the steps of Tara, forging through all the mess they created in their relationship, rebuilding the life they were supposed to have in the first place (with a full moon and Venus in the background of course).

So there. Nerdy content with a message. Keep the faith in one another and the One who brought you together in the first place.


This One Time At Bandcamp


No, I was not a flute player. It was the summer of sixth grade and I was a bona-fide, nerdy country girl transitioning into the throes of junior high school. Coming from a remote elementary school, there were only around fifteen children in my class that would be marching into the awkwardness and the unknown of a new school, trying to fit in to well established cliques. On one of the hottest days of the summer break, my mother got a call from a family friend’s son asking “We need a Bell player REALLY bad and can she come to the band room NOW?”

I had a few years of piano lessons under my belt and taught myself a couple more years after that when my piano teacher was no longer able to teach for personal reasons. I remember feeling intimated and terrified. Although I’m not one to shy away from crowds, you have to realize that I was twelve years old, had zero cool points and only knew one person in that band room. One. He was a guy and several years older. It didn’t count. So, zero.

My mother persuaded, I didn’t have anything better to do so we drove the twenty minutes up the disheveled gravel road to the legendary “Sound of the Wiregrass” band room. At least it was legendary in our small speck of the world anyway. As soon as I walked into the half-moon shaped main room, trophies of all shapes and sizes covered the walls and inaudibly screamed “We are winner winner chicken dinner.” All band members were mustering through the latest score and the band director was getting particularly frustrated with his trumpet section for missing their cue. I would later learn that his son was the first chair trumpet player. Daddy did NOT play. His motto was “perfect practice makes perfect performances.”

Then, a new kid’s worst fear transpired. As the band director turned towards our direction, the entire band room became eerily silent as all eyes focused in our direction. I heard whispers. Who ever likes that? If this scenario were to happen today, I would come alive to the challenge of it all. Time allowing, I would shake everyone’s hand, become Facebook friends with at least 50% of them and leave with ten valid phone numbers programmed into my iPhone. Back then, you might have well just taken a picture of me hiding in the bathroom stall with crimped hair, stone washed knock off jeans, frosted lipstick, teal blue eyeshadow and posted it on Instagram classified as “Public.” Mortified.

images-49I was then warmly greeted and ushered into one of the sectional practice rooms that were positioned along the sides of the building’s main room. “So, I hear you know how to play piano,” the feisty leader said. “Yes sir.” “Well, these are called Bells and they are just like a piano but smaller. Also, these sticks here are what you use to make the sound. There is a certain way you must hit the metal bars so that the sound can resonate correctly. Why don’t you give it a try.”

I did, easy enough, check. I played a simple, short piece of sheet music for him and he then proceeded to give me this motivational speech about how they desperately needed someone to take on this role. Still unsure, I took the Bells and the show score home to practice for a couple of days. He would need me to start band camp the following Monday if I chose to.

Those next few days are honestly a blur since detailed memory tends to fail us after having children. I DO remember being so frustrated that I threw those stupid Mallet sticks across the room in frustration multiple times, dented up my mom’s wall and exercised extreme distaste for showing up that Monday. However, my mother insisted. Looking back, she knew how important it would be to have an organization to identify with to help make the transition to a new school a more pleasant experience.

For the record, I showed up that steamy, summer Monday morning and played the Bells as the only female in an all male drumline. Mom was understandably there at every single sectional practice. In this case, pictures do the extent of my nerdiness justice. I sported a metallic gold cumber bun and bow tie.  As luck would have it, a new girl transferred to the school the following year, we ended up becoming the best of friends and she signed on to be the second female Bell player surrounded by pubescent boys.

Furthermore, she and I would try out for cheerleader a year later and completely bomb our audition. We weren’t selected for not being loud enough I assure you. Not everyone is gifted with vocal enthusiasm AND flexible joints I would add. Fortunately, we found our niche as majorettes in the band which curbed our desire for makeup, hairspray and glitz.

I learned a valuable lesson about perseverance over fears and gained a love for band community. Because of being exposed to the love of music and performance at such a young age, I went on to be a leading member in the nationally renown “Sound of the South Marching Band” all four (well, actually four and a half) years of college while attending Troy University on scholarship. I was involved in practically every organization I had the time for because I didn’t want to miss out on anything, but the band was by far my favorite.

I look back now on my high school and college years and what do I have the most fond memories of? Diverse friendships I never would have had if it weren’t for that one time at band camp. In fact, I am still close friends with a former Saxophone player, majorette, dancer, cheerleader and, ironically, a flute player, to list a few. My instructions to my kids: Be nice to everyone, embrace those that aren’t just like you and be friends with others that aren’t cut from the same personality, interests or abilities. Pending everyone’s heart is on the same page, you will all be better people as a result.

Oh, and band nerds are cool. 🙂

Sound of the South Reunion
Sound of the South Reunion

What Women Want

WhatwomenwantI love my husband and wouldn’t trade him for the world. However, when you live with someone 24/7 you are going to drive each other a little CRAZY. Think bona fide, straight jacket, “Animal” on the drums from The Muppets, Poltergeist, Lindsey Lohan, Housewives of Beverly Hills CRAZY!


What women want in relationships certainly varies by personality, background and family dynamics, but I think most estrogen dominant friends would agree with these scenarios.

#1 – You want to “talk.” It’s a bonding thing with most women. It goes a little something like this. You ask about their day, if anything out of the ordinary happened and/or what they have planned for tomorrow. Responses that drive a woman CRAZY are “Good,” “OK,”or “I don’t know.” By the way, you can try the open-ended question route but generally you are going to get the same answers. You push for details and they get annoyed. Seriously? Is the dang sports report or Rocky that is being viewed for the sixty fourth time THAT much more important than conversing with the love of your life? Most women are emotional beings and talking fuels fulfillment in relationships.

Dude seriously

#2 – You are multitasking as usual. Cooking, cleaning, breaking up kid on kid combat, changing diapers, rushing, hyperventilating, about to dive into the chocolate stash due to stress and your man is either sitting on the couch with the iPad or located somewhere in a remote location of the house, like the GARAGE, doing nothing imperative for survival. Dude, seriously? Grab the kid with the dirty pull up or stir the pot. I AM superwoman but my cape needs to be ironed and I’m busy keeping people alive over here! Let’s not even think about giving an irritated smirk when asked to intervene. That will instigate CRAZY to the 3rd power.


#3 – “Babe, I have a sitter for us! Let’s go on a hot date!” The response that makes a woman question a man’s undying devotion is a response like  “Well, we will just have to see.” WHAT? Did you hear what I just said? “ALONE” time. It’s in the bag. These things don’t come around often like sass from the mouth of your kids. When all your man can drum up is an unemotional disclaimer of passiveness, it sends the wrong message. At this point, a woman may not even want to go on a date now. Fake it, muster up an “I would LOVE to babe” or maybe even plan the outing. Women need men to be clear that time with them is still a priority.

#4 – It alarms you when you realize your man has no idea how to do a basic thing that you do EVERY SINGLE DAY for the kids. Take, for instance, bathing a child. They may even cheerful agree to do it for you once in a solar eclipse. What happens? The kid starts screaming because he used YOUR shampoo instead of the strategically placed and clearly labeled “Tear-free” shampoo that you told him to use prior to bathroom departure. Men are so good at so many things, but mama duties are generally not one of them. Two words for us ladies: “Job Security.”


#5 – Some guys are Mr. Fix Its. Some really are. Some THINK they are. Fortunately for women, Map Quest was one of the greatest inventions/cures for a man not asking for directions. Too bad there isn’t a Mr. Fix It Robot that men can tell what to do and still be able to beat their chests in testosterone powered victory. The bathroom light goes out and they “try” to replace it. Three hours later, the bathroom FAN is now inoperable. What the? Men hate to ask for help and women just want their stuff working properly and quickly. Heaven forbid its the washing machine, the air conditioner or stove.

#6 – Schedules. In our home, it’s my responsibility for getting the kids where they need to be because daddy works unpredictable hours. He is a phenomenal provider. I appreciate him. This is true for most women I know with children. But God forbid we get sick. Most men act like it’s the end of the world if they have to drop off and pick up multiple kids from different locations at various times. Don’t stress us women out with something like this. I mean, it’s even written down on paper with addresses that can be plugged into the trusty Map Quest.

What Women Want
What Women Want

#7 – Women want to feel good about how they look, especially after pumping out a bunch of wild chimpanzees. Women want an honest assessment of their forever changed physique. Generally, our men are the primary individuals to obtain such feedback. This is a tricky one. Never lie to a woman. Regardless of the subject matter, a woman will question every single word that comes out of his mouth until his dying breath if caught lying. We want honesty but not TOO much honesty. Kind of like the two positives and a negative approach to employee feedback. For example, the employee is punctual, pleasant but just stole $1208.00 from the cash register. It won’t end well but make the process a best case scenario.

Furthermore, when women take the initiative to work out, eat healthy and get their butts in gear (literally), men may end up sleeping on the couch if these endeavors are not supported or participated in. Just imagine the female wrath that can be avoided and the benefits that could be enjoyed (wink wink) if men would lead and assist in the process of building healthier lifestyles for the family.


Women want it all and may demand too much from their significant other at times and these issues can certainly be applied the other way around. However, women will still be driven crazy by our men because isn’t that what happens in marriage and confined spaces? The good news, though, is that if we all keep working hard to make our relationships stronger and adapt to one another’s needs, we will hopefully have a happy lifetime to get it right and get off the crazy train before we kick the bucket.


High five, fist bump women. We shall overcome. 🙂




Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day
Happy Memorial Day

“If silence is ever golden, it must be beside the graves of 15,000 men, whose lives were more significant than speech, and whose death was a poem the music of which can never be sung.”

The above is a snippet from the speech made by James A. Garfield at the first Memorial Day (then Decoration Day) service on May, 30, 1868 at Arlington National Cemetery.  Of course, the 15,000 lives he spoke of have grown exponentially since that day. Garfield was then a Civil War General, Congressman, gifted orator and would later serve as the 20th President of the United States.

He isn’t someone we hear much about in American History. Possibly because he served the second shortest term as President due to an unfortunate assassination. However, his story is truly inspiring from one on the outside looking in. He lost his father at age two, was raised along with his siblings by his mother, who also managed the family farm (now THAT is a super woman) and went on to achieve excellence consistently throughout his life. He lived a true rags to riches story and was a self made man. He was also an imperfect individual who, despite the challenges of his childhood and through the knowledge obtained serving his country, God eloquently used to speak the words above on the significance and sacredness of life. The many lives laid down for others.

Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery
Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery

Thinking a lot today about those within my personal circle that have been reunited with their loved one that has been away serving our country, those holding down the fort while their loved one is on active duty and to those awaiting to be reunited with their brave someone again in the heavenly dimension. That picture says so much. I’ll leave it at that.

Feel free to share. Happy Memorial Day!

From our family to yours,



Bella the human


I laid down on the couch with the crazed toddler to get him calmed down for a nap. Next thing I know, wild man has gotten ahold of the vacuum (yes, mama was working but got interrupted), turned the thing ON and then Bella the Shinese crawled up in my lap, assumed his previous position and fell asleep…SNORING.

bella the baby
bella the baby

Now, he is all snuggled in with doggy, blanket and mama. House work isn’t as fun as you thought it would be, huh kid? Fingers crossed. I’m getting SO much done. 🙂

Sleep child sleep
Sleep child sleep

A Mother’s Day Poem For Your KIDS

lyd logo 1 script

Happy Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there.

Maternals come in many forms. Regardless, we all care.

On our special day, we send a message loud and clear.

Dear children it is about time, to get your act in gear!

From the bottom of our hearts, we hope you understand

that you WILL get yourself together! Oh, let us expand.

When born, we thought “such angels”, cone head, 12 toes or not

Then the walking and the talking and all that whining as a tot.


As you have grown older, we’ve taught you how to be

To clean up your stuff, respect adults and aim when you pee!

Sometimes we think you get it, most days it’s like a battle

Busy, dirty, sassy, messy. It’s like herding cattle.

Toddler doing dancing moves while brushing her teeth

There is no good reason to have butter teeth, for real!.

You take the brush, get out the Crest and remove your last three meals.

Round and round and up and down, don’t forget the gums.

So help us child, don’t even get us started on your bums!

The house is always dirty and we need your help to clean.

You have two hands so use them. This is why we are so mean!

“Mom we didn’t hear you” or “That mess isn’t mine”

Cotton swab those waxy ears and do things the FIRST time.


Adults need ALONE time, just an FYI

Stop sneaking in our rooms in the middle of the night!

It’s a gigantic feat sometimes, just keeping you alive

You know better than to go where lots of cars drive!

As tired as us moms are, every hour on the hour

We do and do and do for you, at LEAST you can shower.

You are getting hormones now and hope you someday marry

So USE the deo, put on clean undies and shave when you get hairy.


Now that we have shared our wishes of how to help your mama

Remember you may be a parent and have the same baby drama.

Most of all you should know that we love you either way

After all you are the reason, we celebrate Mother’s Day!










The Top 10 of Turning 40

turning 40

Holy schnickes! I was born on Mother’s Day in 1976. Ironically, this Mother’s Day is gifting me with a MAJOR milestone birthday. By the end of the week, I will turn FORTY. Assuming the fetal position. Despite the baby girl banging her piano guild pieces on the ivories behind me, having a meltdown over not getting one piece perfect and talking to me nonstop in between songs, I’ve been reflecting and asking myself some serious questions. Uh Hum…

Where did the last 10 years go? Are my best years behind me or ahead of me? Do I even have 40 years left?  Eek. Will my metabolism, hormones and the planets ever align for me to be able to lose those last stubborn pounds? What can I do to improve on being a wife, mom, servant, daughter, friend, slave labor for my kids, etc. Will I ever have the time to write those science fiction, end of the world, conspiracy theory, spiritual realm books I’ve been wanting to? Heck, will I even have time to write 3 blog posts this week?

Should I get the stomach muscles fixed? If I wait until I’m over 40 I officially become a blood clot risk based on age alone. Hmm. Maybe I should just have it ALL fixed while I’m in there. My mother will say I’m vain. MAYBE I AM. Guilty. But I’ve worked so hard and there is absolutely nothing else I can do to fuse surgically altered abdominals that were DESTROYED by pregnancies. I need to bring in some income. Maybe work that street corner. Ha! KIDDING of course. Life is so expensive. I’m going to need a new car soon. The baby daddy and I are going to have to put THREE kids through college. Ka ching to the ching ching. I need to call and get the dog a grooming appointment. Those clothes in the dryer need to be folded. Where did the dog go anyway? Is she relieving herself in my HOUSE?! Probably.

Sigh. Focus is a substantial challenge in my older age apparently. However, I am an amazing multi-tasker and, as my three year old keeps grabbing my left arm away from the computer, I vow to complete this blog with only my right hand typing away!

The cons of getting older are obvious. Let’s not focus on the negatives. Besides, that’s what facial cream and hair dye are for. What are the pros of turning forty? Well, for me, I have a Top 10.

#1 – I KNOW WHO I AM. The whole SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) may change as I get older, but for the most part, I “get” myself. Give me a room of strangers to meet and I come alive. Put me behind a desk with mundane tasks with no social interaction, zero creativity and lame goals and I die a slow death.

#2 – I’M LOSING PATIENCE WITH EGOS. I am a people pleaser to the core. I genuinely LIKE people and ENJOY doing for others.  I have spent most of my adult life in sales and customer service roles. I should hold a degree in having patience with egos. However, if I get attitude or encounter someone that thinks too highly of themselves, I am finding it much more easy to WRITE THEM OFF. I used to makes excuses for people as to why they were acting ridiculous. Not so much anymore folks. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

#3 – I CAN SAY NO.  This is a major change. HUGE. Remember, us people pleasers have such a difficult time doing this. I recently threw my hands up in the air and said “NO” to multiple volunteer responsibilities. Why? To focus more on the family responsibilities. When the things we say “yes” to cause us undue stress, disappointment, rejection and even heartache, then why keep trying to make our extra time investments into something that don’t enrich our lives? I still enjoy volunteering at my kids’ school though. I may say “yes” to more of that in the future but mama needs to sleep for a couple of years first.


#4 – CAREER GOALS HAVE CHANGED FOR THE BETTER. I worked full-time with babies #1 and #2 and there is NOTHING wrong with being a working mother by the way. I labored hard for those promotions and that fat pay check. Once I reached those goals, God prepped me for the fact that I would have to choose another path. It was such a difficult decision for me. For example, I remember being at dinner with the baby daddy in Arizona after Auburn won the National Championship game in 2010 CRYING over this one issue, AFTER the 2010 National Championship. Our waiter thought I was a wacko for sure. My head was telling me “You are a dang fool to walk away from that money.” My heart was screaming “You can’t be everything to everybody. At least you have a choice. Choose to give your family 100% of you.” It took me three years to adjust to the transition. After baby #3, I’m plenty busy, thank you very much! Not saying I won’t ever be a “working” mother again, but I am where I need to be for this season.

#5 – MORE LIFE EVENTS EXPERIENCED. In my 30’s, the hubby and I lost loved ones (expectantly and tragically), experienced deep betrayals, birthed a liter and, consequently, grew up quite a bit. Wisdom is worth a few gray hair and wrinkles.

#6 – LOWER EXPECTATIONS FOR OTHERS. Sounds crazy right? A couple of years ago, I realized that the majority of my frustrations with certain individuals was that I was expecting them to behave a certain way.  Those that place high expectations on themselves, unfortunately, tend to do the same with people they encounter. Expect people to behave the way they always have or less than you would want them to and life is not quite so disappointing. There you go. Wrong or right, it has helped develop a more positive outlook on life.


#7 – I ENJOY MY FAMILY MORE. Although my kids drive me bonkers on most days, they are who I spend most of my time with. I am more focused on capturing the moments, those moments I missed chronicling when they were younger. For example, when my toddler gets naked in my front yard or terrorizes innocent insects, I shall whip out the Smartphone and post it for all the world to see. My oldest is already ten years old and it happened very fast. An important goal for my forties is to ENJOY them and the baby daddy, no matter how many stressors fire off simultaneously.

#8 – DO WHAT YOU LOVE. I am learning that a healthy parent is a happier parent and a more content person can more easily show kindnesses to others. Over the past couple of years, I have made time for fitness and, most recently, exercised a creative outlet with writing. It takes time, dedication and experience and I doubt I will ever have Kate Hudson’s waist (WHO is her plastic surgeon?!) or be as successful as Suzanne Collins, BUT I am spending time doing something I love for myself.


#9 – FORGIVENESS IS A PROCESS. You know when people hurt you to your core and there is not any evidence of true remorse? Yeah, good times. It’s a party. I have learned that all of that “forgive and forget” business is straight up BOLOGNA. Of COURSE you don’t ever FORGET.  But staying angry at someone darkens your own soul. I don’t have to “like” someone but I must move beyond hating, regardless of the offense. Besides, there are much worse offenses others have lived through and chosen to love. Who wants to have something worse happen to learn the forgiveness lesson, right?

#10 – NURTURE TRUE FRIENDSHIPS. Mathematically speaking, most women outlive their husbands. Not that I want to think about THAT but in all seriousness, my forties will be spent nurturing those golden friendships. The ones that know who you are and love you anyway, those that let you tell them the same story over and over again just so you can get it out to feel better and the people that make you a better human being.

In conclusion, I think turning 40 changes your perspective about TIME and the VALUE of how that time is spent. Half of it may already be gone, some of it was wasted on the insignificant and one wants the remainder to matter for good.  Time becomes more precious and something that you don’t want to flippantly waste. I will say “yes” to those things that are good and right and “no” to those things that leave me banging my head against a wall. All in all, 40 CAN be the new 30, with a little appearance alterations and a lot of wisdom application that I didn’t have 10 years ago.


My birthday blowing of the candles wish is for the rest of my life to count for good (and to age VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY SLOWLY). 🙂


3K& goes LIVE!

Today is the day I officially begin this blogging adventure. “ is going LIVE!

Why would I join the millions of bloggers already in cyberspace? I have three reasons to be exact…

#1 – I enjoy working and desire a creative outlet other than dissecting what science experiment awaits me in the kid’s bathroom each week.

#2 – The days can seem long with family responsibilities but the quality time with them and on this earth is brief. I choose to focus on and learn from the moments…the good, bad, ugly and hysterical.

#3 – Parenting, with all its challenges, should provide us with more feelings of commonality and perspective. Let’s chronicle that chaos.

SO! As nerf bullets whiz by my face and as I break up a sword fight, let me introduce the family! Who are the players in


Well, first there is the Baby Daddy. The one besides the Good Lord who makes the three kids all possible. He is a quiet, introspective, objective thinker who is described by his closest friends as steady and loyal. I was first attracted to his manly hands and broad shoulders. We met on a blind date, got married and then got busy.

The three kiddos bare three distinct personalities that make the job of parenting quite challenging.

Kid #1 – The 10 year old firstborn is currently a 110 pound, carbohydrate loving, reading obsessed, baseball and basketball playing beast that is strong willed to the hilt. He is predominantly laid back, yet predictably stubborn, and has the kindest heart except when his sister and video games are involved. His witty self wreaks of preteen hormones and frequently forgets to apply deodorant.

Kid #2 – The introverted, 7 year old middle child happens to be our only daughter. The diva darling inherited her daddy’s childhood need for braces, as well as her mother’s far sighted vision and zest for drama. She is a lover of music, all things animal related and is currently a straight “A” student. For the most part, she is the only child that minds us the FIRST time. (Insert Hallelujah chorus). Also, her scream is so shrill you lose hearing temporarily. Don’t let the sensitive, perfectionist nature fool you. Girlfriend can throw down a temper tantrum. Finally, she is a devoted mama to her fur baby, “Bella the Shinese”.

Kid #3 – The caboose is the 3 year old, extroverted, high energy wild man that we lovingly refer to as the “Tasmanian Devil Child”. He earns his nickname honestly, as you will quickly learn. He is the only child I was able to stay home with. A decision that I have never regretted, despite the permanent eye bags obtained as a result. He has currently gone three days without his beloved “pappy”.

Finally, there’s me, the Baby Mama. I am a take charge, extroverted, people loving personality. Blessed with a very high sense of urgency, patience is not, and never will be, my virtue. I have loads of last minute parenting ideas to share. FUN is my middle name and parties are my specialty. Hang out with me and you WILL have a good chuckle or two. I LOVE to talk and have discovered that I consequently LOVE to write. After serving in a successful Sales career ranging from Human Resources to Pharmaceuticals, I chose to give all that up to be a full time mom and wife.

So I say all that to give the motive for creating this blog. I write to capture each crazy experience of the parenthood adventure, one moment at a time, with the hopes of giving us all an outlet from the insanity in the world. I want to ENJOY parenthood and chronicling the moments forces me to look longer, examine deeper and love fuller.

I welcome you to join me in this adventure at!