It’s All About The Backpack!


It’s often been said that time flies when you are having fun. The familiar proverb means something completely different to the me of ten years ago versus the me of today. Not that I don’t enjoy carpooling my kids to daily activities and playdates for them to get the most out of their summer, but there is much irony in that statement.

Before kids, the days went by faster when the baby daddy and I were on vacation ALONE, having hours to leisurely do what, when and how we wanted. Three offspring later, time flies because there aren’t enough milliseconds in the day to accomplish all that needs to be done. The multitasking of parenting can be fun and IS fun, but it requires frequent attitude checks, forward thinking and deep breathing.

As I am updating our summer schedule, the reality of time rushing by at record speed is resonating in my head like a Grandfather clock striking midnight. Our summer is almost over, my firstborn will graduate from elementary school this year and I have done zero back to school shopping. I have waited until the last minute in the past. Not this year!

It’s all about the backpack for my current and almost preteen. There is something about walking through the double doors on the first day of school with backpack perfection strapped to their ever growing shoulders. It helps them to not mourn the fact that they won’t be hanging with mommy dearest all day. Ha!

We have three requirements:

#1 – It must be sturdy enough to last the entire school year (They are not all created equal. Going the cheaper route landed me with having to purchase a second backpack halfway through the school year in the past.)

#2 – Pockets everywhere (my kids are eraser, trash, pencil, sneak small toys to school hoarders)

#3 – High degree of cool factor (the right color, matching lunchbox and brand, within cost reason)

As I just clicked “Purchase” online for the last backpack for the kids, I would advise any parent out there to go ahead and knock this out. Supplies are going fast, it may take two to three weeks for the products to arrive and why go to the store when you can save yourself time, stress and maybe even money by going online.

Because parents need any kind of easy we can get in our lives, here are the top choices for preteen back to school back packs from our household to yours! Click directly on the highlighted item you’re interested in and it will take you directly to the product. Happy shopping!


#1 – Under Armour Boys Scrimmage and Lunch Box  (various colors)            51+q5+Cb-IL._AC_UL246_SR190,246_

#2 – PBTeen Gear Up Blue Camo and Lunch Box


#3 – PBTeen Gear Up Olive Camo and Lunch boxgear-up-olive-camo-backpack-1-j

#4 – LLBean Deluxe Green Pixel and Lunch Box


#5 Under Armour Recruit and Lunch Box (various colors)




#1 – WB Multicolored Reinforce Design/Water Proof with Lunch Box


#2 – LLBean Flower Power and Lunch Box


#3 – PBTeen Gear Up Ceramic Pool Tie-Dye and Lunch Box


#4 – JanSport Multi-neon Galaxy with Purple Lunch Box


#5 – Wildkin Pink Leopard and Lunch Box51h0vFK0COL._AC_UL260_SR200,260_

Good luck, hope this aids in your back to school shopping and make the last few weeks with the kiddos count.

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