A Mother’s Day Poem For Your KIDS

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Happy Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there.

Maternals come in many forms. Regardless, we all care.

On our special day, we send a message loud and clear.

Dear children it is about time, to get your act in gear!

From the bottom of our hearts, we hope you understand

that you WILL get yourself together! Oh, let us expand.

When born, we thought “such angels”, cone head, 12 toes or not

Then the walking and the talking and all that whining as a tot.


As you have grown older, we’ve taught you how to be

To clean up your stuff, respect adults and aim when you pee!

Sometimes we think you get it, most days it’s like a battle

Busy, dirty, sassy, messy. It’s like herding cattle.

Toddler doing dancing moves while brushing her teeth

There is no good reason to have butter teeth, for real!.

You take the brush, get out the Crest and remove your last three meals.

Round and round and up and down, don’t forget the gums.

So help us child, don’t even get us started on your bums!

The house is always dirty and we need your help to clean.

You have two hands so use them. This is why we are so mean!

“Mom we didn’t hear you” or “That mess isn’t mine”

Cotton swab those waxy ears and do things the FIRST time.


Adults need ALONE time, just an FYI

Stop sneaking in our rooms in the middle of the night!

It’s a gigantic feat sometimes, just keeping you alive

You know better than to go where lots of cars drive!

As tired as us moms are, every hour on the hour

We do and do and do for you, at LEAST you can shower.

You are getting hormones now and hope you someday marry

So USE the deo, put on clean undies and shave when you get hairy.


Now that we have shared our wishes of how to help your mama

Remember you may be a parent and have the same baby drama.

Most of all you should know that we love you either way

After all you are the reason, we celebrate Mother’s Day!