What Are You Thankful For?


It’s important to reflect and count our blessings. Feel free to do the same! This married mama of three is thankful for the following this Thanksgiving day:

T – Toys all over the floor (our home is lived in)

H – Hair detangler (for long-haired, drama prone daughters)

A – Answered prayers (son finally sleeps in his bed all night…he’s 10)

N – Nonvenemous critters (frogs, lizards and worms Oh My!)

K – Kisses (the ones you have to strategically plan for)

S – Spaghetti (the only non-fried meal all three of my kids will eat)

G – Girls giggling (and all things glitter)

I  – Inside voices (that my kids rarely use)

V – Victories during indoor family football (Daddy’s team always wins)

I  – Ice (for sweet tea, boo boos and those hot summer AND winter days)

N – New milestones (like no more diapers…oh wait, still buying Pulls Ups)

G – God’s generous blessings (all the things that money can’t buy, that we don’t deserve but He provides for us anyway)

Copy, paste, plug-in what you are thankful for, and share!

Happy Thanksgiving from our home to yours.