The Blue Tractor Baby Shower

13120541_614262545417182_639698965_oIn honor of the upcoming birth of my only brother and sister-in-law, family friends and I threw the mom-to-be a baby shower recently.  Immediately, I knew the shower would revolve around some sort of farm theme.  Why? I come from several generations of crop farmers in South Alabama.  My brother joined in the family business after graduating from college and, ironically, my sister-in-law ALSO is from a farm family.  Although her family farms cows, she is a MUCH better fit for the world of peanuts, cotton and cucumbers than yours truly ever has been! She loves the farm life and has been a God send to my baby brother. Now what type of farm theme? Hmmm.

Crops? Eh. I know those cucumbers put me through college but they get rotten, smell like the STENCH OF DEATH that can be detected for miles and then these black, flying bugs invest the home front.  Seriously, it’s like an infestation.  Cucumbers + baby shower theme = inappropriate jokes for YEARS.  Furthermore, cucumbers have to be HAND GRADED on a wet line, which means one has to stare at a conveyer belt for HOURS and physically throw out the bad ones.  I volunteered to help one time, got motion sickness and almost threw up (an OSHA no no) on the product.

images-16Also, I’m allergic to peanut dust and COTTON…oh man, OH MAN.  Mom took me to a cotton gin to “educate” me on the family business when I was ten’ish and it was BREATHTAKING! Literally. I instead became educated on what it was like to fight for one’s life due to CO2 build up in the lungs! ASTHMA from that point forward. Thanks for the hairy chin corticosteroids. Farm life, as you can see, isn’t for everyone. No crop themes. Cows are cute but they don’t have those on their farm now.


But who doesn’t love TRACTORS right? After we learned I would get to be an aunt for the first time (YAY) to a bouncing baby boy, it was a DONE DEAL.  A tractor themed baby shower was on like donkey kong!  Now, our family doesn’t do John Deere (you know, the green ones).  They prefer the BLUE ones from New Holland.  Those that know me well know that I LOVE to host parties.  My rule of thumb is that you must always have a theme and stick with that theme throughout your planning and implementation.

Feel free to switch up the colors as needed if you want to duplicate any of these ideas (there are also RED tractors from Massey Ferguson). For any of you desiring to plan a tractor themed baby shower, VIOLA! Here is how you do it.

Supplies: Go to amazon and purchase these items…

Click here if you need a beverage dispenser. (One of the BEST purchases I’ve ever made. I use it for every party. Very durable.)

Click here if you need a tiered tray server and here if you need a stackable organizer.

Clear cups, napkins and forks.

Click here for the Cookie cutter for sandwiches (you can make chicken salad, pimiento cheese, etc. and cut out tractor sandwiches)

Click here for the Cookie cutter for cookies (note this is not an Amazon Prime product so order in advance. Also, please don’t wash it in the dishwasher like I did and melt the sucker! I like this cutter for cookies better because the impression allows for easier icing decorating.)

Click here for the Icing for cookies: Blue, Black and white – One of each should do it for 3 dozen cookies.  (I liked the icing in the bottles for cookie decorating.  I’m not a pro by any means but it was like PAINTING and the baby mama can hang with that.)tractor cookies

COOKIE RECIPE: Click on the Pinterest Board “Tractor Baby Shower” on and you can find the link for the recipe I pinned from (I substituted the almond flavoring for LEMON and it tasted FAB. It made between 2-3 dozen, average sized cookies.)

Peanut Butter Bon Bons: I found a recipe using butter, peanut butter and powdered sugar (SUPER healthy). Get the chocolate to coat them here. I used white (2 bags), 1 dark blue and 1 light blue.

Peanut Butter Bon Bons

DECORATIONS: Go to and buy the following turquoise mesh ribbon and cobalt blue mesh ribbon (or whatever color you prefer.) Napkin rings like this one would be a good choice to string the mesh through and pin on each corner of the food table.  The napkin rings pictured in this blog were some I had purchased from Pier One MANY years ago and just happened to find them tucked away in a drawer. Also, the white tablecloth was a wedding gift. Lucky Me! There are many table cloth options on amazon if you need one. FYI – An average 6 person, rectangle dining room table is 72 inches.

Table Decor

   food table

petit fours

The New Holland Ride On Toy Tractor was a Birthday Present for my three year old, but if you would like to purchase one and double it as a baby gift then you can get it here or the small toy tractor here. It makes the PERFECT entrance decor.

new holland toy tractor

Here in Dothan, Alabama, we have a FABULOUS store called “The Artist Tree”. They ship to out of town customers also. I HIGHLY recommend! They are on Facebook also. My go to gifts these days are creative door hangers! All I had to do was get them a picture of the invitation and they whipped up this wooden hanger that could double as a home door hanger AND be used to add baby stats to display on the hospital door, then in the baby’s room. It ties a shower theme together nicely.  I mean…LOVE.

The Petal Pusher is a local florist that coordinates with other florists all over the country to give the customer exactly what they want.  Below is the floral arrangement they made and even has blue pacifiers attached to the flowers! Too stinking cute!  They also provided us with the corsage for the mom-to-be.

Flower Arrangement

In conclusion, more ideas for a tractor baby shower can be found on threekidsandababydaddy’s Pinterest account. Baby’s are one of the best events to celebrate and why not go all out! Future party ideas to come. Can’t wait to meet the sweet baby boy in just a few months!

Secretly, I kind of hope he throws lots of tantrums in public, keeps my brother up (not my sis-in-law, hope he is an angel for her 24/7) and is strong willed like his father. Mwahahaha. Pay back for all those “This is how you need to parent sis” (during these last 10 years of NOT having children of his own).

Either way, I feel certain that the kiddo will be taking his first ride on a blue tractor while still in diapers. Oh! Maybe my brother will get stuck in the New Holland with a code brown, no diaper bag and in the middle of a very large field. Yes! I’m just kidding. Not really. 🙂

Party on people! Enjoy the fun moments.