This Is Ridunkulous

I’m laughing HYSTERICALLY in stitches one minute and then I’m slamming potatoes onto the counter top mid-meal prep screaming aloud “Do you people really think we are that stupid?” Apparently, they do and some are and I miss the days of my youth when we were gushing over with national pride. Come to think of it, I’m certain that pride was misplaced.

The state of our country, our world, is, well, RIDUNKULOUS.


For the past six months, I have thoroughly enjoyed putting fingers to keyboard and expressing the ups and downs of parenting through writing. It’s therapy and to date the journey has been a fabulous creative outlet.

However, I’ve found myself in a bit of a rut lately. What can I write about at the moment that is truly humorous? The problem is that I haven’t been very successful at finding the positive. Why? Like you, life has gotten especially busy, crowded even, and with all that’s transpiring in the world around us, well, enough said.

The good news is that I had a breakthrough today. I share it in hopes that it helps you.

So check this out…

The kids and I just got back home from taking my family lunch because they work themselves to death on the family farm each year to deliver a quality product. It’s rough guys. No joking about it. Like almost every other small business in this country, overhead is increasing at insane rates, laziness and apathy abound in workers, product ROI has declined and government regulations are at an all time high.

I feel so POSITIVE right now. I promise it gets better.

So back to the story.

The kids and I were in the car just now. I don’t have XM radio on the trashed family mobile so we are limited to radio or the one CD that my youngest hasn’t scratched or destroyed, Brittney Spears’ “Oops I Did It Again.” (Those upbeat VBS ones were golden…sniff.)

I know, I KNOW. That’s so 1990’s or early 2000s…whenever that came out. Baby girl found it the other day stashed in a drawer, immediately began flicking her hair with coordinated hand motions, and then MY ELDEST SON jumped in singing right along with it too. Whateva! At least it’s not “I’m A Slave For You,” with the heavy breathing and all that wholesomeness.

Today, they passed on the CD (whoop) and then every single radio channel we clicked on simultaneously said something to the extent of “I wanna kiss you all over.” Sheesh! It’s a conspiracy to ruin all of our brains! Nothing on the local Christian radio channel. The song literally put me to sleep in 3.4 seconds. ZZZZZ

So, talk radio it is! Holy schnikes. Within a couple of minutes into the blurb about the latest and greatest political smear, the radio host described an in-depth sexual advance allegation and then the “P” word describing male genitalia. (insert annoyed emoji) Off the radio went.

So, I stand at a crossroad. I’m asking myself, “Why am I having such a difficult time finding the fun…the good?”

Ding ding! It just hit me. I’ve remained distracted for too long. As long as any outside form of communication is on, the negativity attempts to seduce us in. I have let it control me.

I’ve placed too high expectations on man and systems. The facts are just this: the corruption, the lies, the unwholesome garbage that gets bombarded our way each and every day is just that…TRASH. It’s an all out WAR to refocus on God, to live joyfully in the presence of such RIDUNKULOUS standards.

The bad stuff it just really bad right now and it WILL get worse. You can’t stop it. I can’t stop it. People of power don’t want to stop it.

It’ll take sheer determination, but here is what we CAN do:


If I have to get up early and sit on my back porch smelling the dairy cows before daylight then I will. If the only quiet that I can muster is three minutes alone in my closet then I’ll make it happen.

I’m one of those that likes to know what goes on in the world. To face problems head on and not choose to live in an ignorant bubble. So, when I’ve had all that my heart and stomach can handle, then “off” it will all have to go.


I hate to break it to you with your options here but there are less than two. You do have complete control over ONE THING. Your soul. That’s it. You can’t 100% control your kids, your family, strangers and not even your own feelings and actions because they deceive us. Only you determine where you spend your existence outside of earthly confinements. No one, no government, no crisis controls that.  We have to make it count. Get it right.


Some of the very best GOOD that’s ever been done in this world came about because of the depravity of man: Jesus Christ, Martin Luther King, Jr., Horatio Stafford and little Anne Frank are those I think of.

Most know the messages her diary communicated, even long after her physical body became a victim to the very enemy she feared. Her words echo what a lot of us internalize and her circumstances were intensely dire.

“Why do I constantly dream and think about the worst things and just want to scream for fear? Because I still don’t have faith enough in God. He has given me so much that I certainly haven’t deserved, yet everyday I do so much wrong.”  Anne Frank December 29, 1943

I rarely ever learn life lessons from someone who proposes to know it all or those with a lofty countenance. Cliche statements on encouragement come across disingenuous. Her words teach.

Most of us haven’t even caught a glimpse of what this little girl was up against, yet she had those mature words to say.

It all reminds me that it’s human nature to get off track. Also, it’s imperative to refocus the thoughts…what I dwell on.

In conclusion, we can get beyond the junk out there, develop humility to accept the little control we really have and sincerely seek out the goodness that God so generously gives.

It’s a RINDUKULOUS world but we are only passing through it. It only controls me if I let it.

Anddd I think I can start today by burning some new CDs for those long rides in the family vehicle (and hide them from my destruction prone child).